WBUR Boston Radio: LifeScene’s Outreach and Impact to Set Youth on a Path of Success

February 15, 2024

youth serving organizations at WBUR.

Executive Director, Selvin Chambers got the opportunity to appear on WBUR, Radio Boston with fellow non-profit ROCA Inc., to speak about working to support youth in Lynn.

The show started off about speaking about the challenges of being trusted during the initial outreach to the at-risk youth.

Slevin spoke to how young people are impressionable so that it’s important to have organizations that engage and be a positive force that can make an impact.

With the theme “it takes a village” all guests highlighted the importance of their and other organizations not working in silos. There are networks and partnerships throughout Lynn who offer services and help to youth, regardless of what point in life they may be at.

Highlighting the goal setting, in Project Success, Selvin spoke on being able to talk with participants about their experience in the program and achieving their goals creates a deeper connection.

Talking about the violence in Lynn, specifically the shootings in December, each guest focused on that it is the youth that live through these experiences. It is the realty for some individuals and that means meeting them where they are, with opportunities for alternative paths that can lead to successful lives.

Listen to the whole interview, with Executive Director, Selvin Chambers and two members of ROCA, Inc here:

Selvin and guests at WMUR radio

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