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Jessica Fabian

Jessica Fabian

Director of Strategic Programs

Jessica oversees agency programming, community outreach, and special initiatives. She works to connect the needs of the community to our services and build partnerships with local organizations.
“We can all learn from each other and celebrate difference.”

Kate Walton

Kate Walton

Director of Human Resources

Kate finds talented people to staff agency programs and operations. She administers payroll, employee benefits, and leads initiatives to help staff achieve job satisfaction and work-life balance, improve their skills, and increase their effectiveness and ability to help others.
“Our teammates are our most valuable asset; they should always be a priority.”

Jamie Saropoulos

Director of Family Services

Jamie oversees the three Family Service Division programs: the Family Resource Center, Young Parent Support, and Family Alliance. She works to ensure that parents, and their children, have access to quality evidence-based programming that is designed to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Stephanie Galvin

Director of Youth Services

Stephanie oversees our Youth Services division. Her primary focus is the Project Success program and partnership with the Shannon Community Safety Initiative. She works to ensure that our youth participants have the connections, exposure, and support they need to become our next generation of citizens.

“Our next generation shouldn’t be defined by the decisions of the past or limited by the circumstances of the present.”

Board Officers

Ive Gonzalez

Confirmation Pending
Vice President

Michael DiBacco

Meghan McGowan

Board Members

Kathy Bradford

David Clarke

Colleen Collins, M.D.

Aka Denjongpa

Daniel Encarnacion

Walter Jacob

Brian Magrane

Esther Mulroy

Esther Summersett

Steve Uhl

Zosia VanMeter

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