LifeScene provides direct supports and resources to our community members to nurture the conditions for growth and opportunity.

Everyday life is challenging and can feel overwhelming for underserved and socially vulnerable populations. Since 1885, with your help, our services have transformed the lives of thousands through the power of education, support, and community. We remove barriers so that youth and families can find, access, and receive skills to build assets, resiliency, and self-sufficiency.


All of our supports and services are offered at no cost to the participants.

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parenting class graduates moved from moderate/high risk to low risk

holiday emergency requests filled
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Molly joined one of our parenting programs after recovering from a coma caused by domestic violence abuse. Her physical injuries left her with memory and hearing loss, and the emotional trauma affected how she interacted with her child. Molly credited her home visitor Sean with helping her get through many difficult times that she experienced while raising her child. Beyond parenting education classes, Sean offered acceptance, support, and (lately), technical assistance with Zoom. Molly recently completed 6 weeks of parenting classes and has learned how to “unmute” so that she can fully participate online. Through the program, she forged close connections to other moms and discovered other community resources that will help her to be the best mom that she can.

“I learned from you guys how to parent without hitting, something I never thought I could do. I learned how to use my words. I learned that setting good limits and consequences for my children work just as good as spanking.”

— Samantha, mother of three

youth served age 13-24 in 2021

years of youth engagement in our Teen Scene program


youth completed career development training
You never forget your first car. Ellijah, a 17 year old senior at Lynn English High School, worked for our Community Safety Initiative’s work crew. He spent his days painting, cleaning up parks, clearing brush, and even trying his hand in urban agriculture at the Cook St. Community Gardens.

The summer employment program which was designed to expand gainful employment opportunities for Lynn youth, also helped Ellijah obtain his driver’s license.

LifeScene offered 4 scholarships to encourage youth to attend driving school. Ellijah jumped at the opportunity and was the first to receive his license. Ellijah’s Case Manager, Christian remarks, “Ellijah worked hard and he’s smart. He was always trying to go in the right direction.”

With the money that he earned from employment in the work crew, Ellijah purchased a 2001 Honda Civic for only $300! “The frame was bent from an accident, the radiator needed repair and I had to replace the condenser and a headlight, but it’s my car,” he says with a smile.

Ellijah, who would like to be mechanic one day, is slowly rebuilding his ride. He says, “So far, I’ve done a lot of repairs, and put gas in it. If I didn’t do this program, I wouldn’t have gone to driving school and I wouldn’t have this car.”

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“I’ve met so many cool people. I’ve done things I’ve never imagined myself doing.”

— Ximena

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