P’s Story

May 22, 2023

My name is P Avilés, I am 16 years old, and I live with my mother
in Lynn. I am a timid person but am very excited to share my experiences with LifeScene and in the Project Success program. I first applied to LifeScene, while it was Family & Children’s Services of Lynn, thinking it was a job taking care of children!

It ended up being so much better than that. Between my externship at the Food Project, group learning sessions, and guest speakers, LifeScene helped me learn so many new things, like tracking and budgeting my money, career development, diversity, social justice, respecting classmates/coworkers (despite any other types of feelings towards them), and even sex ed! It made me feel like an adult, that as a teenager I was being respected and encouraged to learn, all while being paid!

I now know is that if I need help or someone to talk to, I’m never alone. I know that I can confide in my new friends in Project Success and the team at LifeScene. It is truly a blessing to have LifeScene in the city of Lynn and I’m very thankful that LifeScene accepted me to be part of Project Success.

– P Avilés

We appreciate P sharing his story and for trusting LifeScene. It is a privilege for us to watch and support the growth of program participants, like P, personally and professionally.

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