Great Minds Think Alike

April 26, 2022

The Quaker Meadows residential community in Lynn, the Cruiser Club of Boston, and F&CS Family Alliance caseworker Ariana Riviera all had the same idea. They wanted to adopt one family during the holidays to ensure that the family would have everything they needed for Christmas.

The residents at Quaker Meadows donated gifts, clothing, and bedding to one grateful family selected from our programs. Ten bikers of the 35-member Crusier Club of Boston arrived at our agency one Saturday afternoon bearing gifts, gifts cards, clothing, and even furniture for another family in our Youth Development programs. Finally, our own Family Alliance caseworker, Ariana Riveira held a one-woman crowd funding campaign to make sure that a single mom and her kids had clothing, food, gifts, and housing supplies to get a fresh start.

women with holiday gift bags

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